After Fasting For 30 Days And 30 Nights, God Has Shown Me The Next PDP Chairman – Ibrahim Mantu

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Former Deputy Senate President, Ibrahim Mantu, has said that God has shown him who will lead the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the 2019 battle.
This came at the heels of the quest and political horse treading of who becomes the party Chairman, which has been zoned to the South-West.
Mantu spoke at the ongoing declaration by Prof. Tunde Adeniran, to lead the party as its National Chairman, at the National Convention, slated for December 9, in Abuja.

The former Deputy Senate President, said he had fasted for 30 days, during which he said God told him that party must pick Adeniran
He said: “I am now born again, whatever I say now is the truth.  Some people came to the PDP with nothing, and left with billions. We need to bring the party to the people now. We need to be sober and apologise for what we have done wrong in the past.
“After fasting and prayer, I fasted for 30 days and night, asking God to show me who would lead the party. God showed me Adeniran.
“Let us now look forward and make sure that we elect a credible Chairman. We should make sure that nobody shortchanges us at the National Convention.”

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