Killing Of Black Men More Likely To Be Deemed Justifiable, New Report File

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A new report by The Marshall Project concluded what many have known for years: The killing of black men by white people in America is more likely to be ruled “justifiable.” The Marshall Project, a nonprofit organization that specializes in journalism geared toward criminal justice, examined 400,000 homicides committed by civilians from 1980 through 2014. The research proved that in one of six of those killings, there was no criminal penalty.
The word “justifiable” is employed because it’s the term used when a cop or a civilian kills someone committing a crime or in self-defense. Released on Monday (Aug. 14), the organization retrieved data from the FBI and examined several victim-killer combinations, and realized two types of “justifiable homicide” stuck out: “felon killed by a citizen” and “felon killed by a police officer.”
The data was reportedly processed, but 200,000 cases were discarded because pertinent information wasn’t available. The information left detailed facts such as the killer and victim’s age, race, gender, if weapons were used and the manner with which police describe each type of killing (i.e. love triangle, fight induced by alcohol, sniper attack).

The research from the Marshall Project found that despite what is perpetuated, the majority of killings of white people are committed by other white people, and black people are killed by black people. When a Latino killed a black man, law enforcement ruled 5.5 percent of the instances were justifiable. However, when a black man killed a white person, the Marshall Project found less than 1 percent of those deaths were justifiable.

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