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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Five Signs He Is No Longer Interested In You [MUST READ]

Every relationship experiences this over time – for some, the love grows stronger while for others, it wanes. It now depends on how much effort you both are willing to put into the relationship for it to survive.
That said, if you think your partner has lost interest in you, here are signs he might really have:
1. First thing to note is, nobody really changes in a day: It’s usually a gradual process, maybe you just ignore some things without realising they matter, like your partner not calling you as much or replying your messages on time. People say when the messages are getting shorter with you, it’s getting longer with someone else.

2. He doesn’t compliment you: When you send pictures to him, he doesn’t hype you or try to make you feel beautiful or he ignores them , sometimes makes jest of how you look or belittles you.
3. You make more efforts: You try as much to do things together like old stuff you both enjoyed doing and try to go on dates to spice things or bring back the attraction but he keeps making excuses.
4. Barely talks to you when you’re around: Hurts to see your partner is losing interest even when you’re trying to make things right. You both barely even talk when you meet or the conversations just seem forced.

5. He doesn’t touch you anymore: Even when you try to kiss or touch him, he doesn’t reciprocate well or sex becomes a chore and saying I love you to each other feels like a duty.
All these should give you a rethink, a relationship only works only if both partners want it to, relationships come and go but best is to walk out of one that no longer makes you happy rather than be in a toxic relationship where you’re no longer wanted.


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