The Scope Of Drug Abuse In Nigeria (Must Read)

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Drug abuse is a huge problem in Nigeria . people find it difficult to believe because they are living under the illusion of what NDLEA said a few years ago that Nigeria is a transit nation. They have only just said this year (2017) that Nigeria is a user nation and it is overwhelming .

Take a look at all the seizures they make. In the last one year, they made a seizure of about 650kg of hard drugs, and that is about the combined weight of 7 men weighing 85kg or even more. Marijuana is like pure water, you can get 5 wraps for as low as 50naira because it is very cheap and it is everywhere.

Is there the possibility that it has entered the church?
Whether they are spirit-filled or not, they use drugs in church and that is the true. The church should know it because the church has abdicate her responsibility, her first love, and is now pursuing the things of the world. The Bible say “While men slept the enemy came and sowed tares”. You will be amazed at the things these young people tell us, even teens in the church.
We used to think this problem is prevalent amongst non-christian youth?
Youth are youth, be they Christian or muslims. Drug has no coloration, it has nothing to do with ethnicity or denomination, and it cuts across culture. Today people have this illusion that drugs are used by the bad boys use at the motor parks, but I tell you that educated young boys,  undergraduates, secondary school boy use real drugs.
 If you look at the people who are called miscreants, “area boy”, some of them are graduates even from MIT, Harvard, London school of Economics, some are lawyers, accountants, doctors. Drugs is drugs and all manners of use it, hence we need to remove them.


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