Goat spotted with a kettle fetching water for its master in Ogoja

A goal was on Monday spotted at Ishibori community of Ogoja Local Government Area of Northern Cross River State where it was pictured with a stainless steel kettle going to fetch water for its master.

The Goat master, who they said is a Clan Head of Ikajor in Ishibori community have been said have allegedly possessed several spiritual powers beyond human imaginations. Therefore, there was no questions about it when the mysticism took place.

It has been proven several years that people who holds royal positions in Nigeria and the world have fundamental powers which Its significance goes a long way of protecting the rites of their Kingdom. But many have misused the powers, whilst the calamities in some communities.

Some, according to Christian religion says the traditional religious powers are only a myth; there do not have any significance to the world – there only construe evil and mysteries.
In Ogoja, especially the Ishibori community, the people were known for their strong belief up till date that the gods of their forefathers still dwells in them. That is why the community still perform certain rituals like that on the New Yam Festival. Most of these rites are followed by rules including no harvesting and eating of yams before the New Yam festival slated 15th of September of every year.
Other customary rites includes; do not eat any food that when cooking, a knife or a metal iron was inserted into the same fire. For they believe, it is a form of protection in a war that will let no bullet or knife penetrates their bodies. A belief they inherited during the Bekwarra – Ishibori communal war that dated back in the 1990s.

Before now, many of the youths born in the 1980/90s were made to believe that a certain Chief, still in that Ikajor community has versatile powers that he can even change a human being to any animals. The Chief who was known as Papa Caterpillar was showered with the mouth of powers that, he can also change leaves to money and many more.

Therefore, it won’t be surprising, if this incident is actually true. For before now, people have being have been working numerous signs and wonders. But the question still remains, who gave them these powers? Why aren’t everyone in possession of the powers, just like we all have eyes, mouth, nose to breath, etc?

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