A Wake Up Call To Delta State APC [Must Read]

A house divided against itself cannot stand. Delta State All Progressives Congress, APC should wake up from their slumber and unite themselves just as the broom, which is the party’s emblem has unite itself against all dirt. A broom stick cannot sweep or clean up the dirt in one’s house, and that is the reason the broom stick always unite themselves irrespective of which ever palm trees they are from. Delta APC should as a matter of urgency unite their house from the units, wards, LGAs, and state level. For it is only through good grassroots that apc Delta can win elections.

 Delta state APC can only be the saviour of the state only if and only they are united. A formidable opposition is a good watch dog in Democracy. This means that the leadership of Delta APC must come out to speak for or unbehalf of the electorates, so that the APC in Delta state will not be totally disappointed by the electorates come 2019 elections and beyond.

If you don’t fight your fight who will fight it for you? Deltans are tired of how the state is being managed for about 18 years now by a particular group of persons.
The dormant attitudes and disunity of APC Delta, has made some persons in APC to have in mind “if you can’t beat them, you join them and that has led some APC stalwarts in the state to defect to the state ruling party.

A stitch in time saves nine. The time for grassroots mobilisation is now. Delta APC should not wait for the eleventh hour, before commencing the house to house crusade for 2019 general elections.
Change has come to stay in Nigeria, and so Delta state APC must effect that positive change in the state, so as to liberate the state of her present declining situation.
This is a plea to every factions of APC in Delta state to unite themselves just as the broom, the party’s emblem.


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